Global Digital Assets

1 Glodias Token = $1.00 USD
1 Cryptex Token = $1.00 USD
3,33 Aleph Token = 1 Glodias Token



Empower Digital Asset owners to unlock the value of a diversified portfolio by selecting high-performance solutions in the Crypto arena.

About Us

Glodias is a highly specialized independent asset management firm that employs a fully systematic proprietary management strategy across a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Advanced Analytical Technology

Our managed trading and arbitrage program uses an integrated approach and applies advanced analytical technology to identify, control and take advantage of management opportunities from price movements in the top crypto currencies and tokens markets. These methods have been created through many years of independent research by founders.

We based our management in 4 areas:



Buying and Selling Bitcoins


Quantitative and Diversified

Glodias is fully based on the quantitative analysis of typical and untypical cryptocurrency behaviors taking in consideration, exchange rates, news, global economic aspects and volatility in over 30 exchanges Worldwide.

Track Record

Glodias was conceived by several entrepreneurs to open digital assets management opportunities in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. The founders are all crypto knowledgeable, traders, mining experts, market analysts and marketing experts.

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