how we work

This is how we work:

The idea is that we give you our tokens based in your investment, then you will start earning monthly profits. 

In the end you have earned monthly returns and we give you back your full investment.


Time frame Returns per Month
90 days Between 2% – 3%
180 days Between 3% – 4%
365 days Between 4% – 5%






1 - Choose your plan

Choose from our 3 plans

2 - Contract

We sign the contract

3 - Crypto Assets

You give us your crypto assets under our administration

4 - Get your Glodias Tokens

We send to your wallet your glodias tokens

5 - Get your Cryptex Tokens

Every 30 days you will receive in your wallet your Cryptex Tokens

6 - Exchange

You decide when you want to exchange your Cryptex Tokens for BTC

7 - Contract ends

When the contract ends, you send back your glodias tokens and we send back the equivalent in BTC.