Thanks to our investments in a state of the art mining facility in Costa Rica using Baikal x10, Baikal x10B and Baikal x11, we mine several different coins with different algorithms. We spend 50% of our hash power mining Decred and the other 50% we use to mine 19 different altcoins. Using a unique algorithm our computers decide every 4 hours which coins are the easiest to mine, based not only on difficulty, but also on other information like price, amount of coins available, coin price, etc….
Our own software makes one of the highest ROI on the market. Just to make mining even safer we decide at midnight every night into which coin we will convert the mined alt coins of that day. We use the least volatile.


Our in-house research and analysts, plus algorithms and exchange tools, make it easy to decide which coin, at which exchange, and at what time there is the highest margin between prices of several coins. We also use bots like blockfolio and our own internal ones.
Very low risk investment.

Trading and holding

Reviewing trading analysis, tendencies and special news and social media we have a small headstart on some of the fluctuation of the CRYPTOCURRENCIES. We have access to premium information that allows us to take some small calculated risk. Our own inhouse traders spend hours analyzing and verifying signals.

Buying and Selling Bitcoins

Our retail department has hundreds of clients that everyday acquire BTC at a premium price that can be anywhere from +1% to +7% depending on market conditions and country they are buying.

Investment Objective

Glodias, through its managed account program seeks to achieve positive absolute returns by systematically allocating capital to highly liquid crypto markets globally. The program trades systematically across highly liquid and transparent crypto markets globally using a unique method of market analysis, pattern recognition, and strategy development termed Energetic State Analysis (ESA). ESA identifies, monitors, and capitalizes on global management opportunities arising from non-random price movements in crypto.