In order to give our partners something tangible, Glodias has created two type of tokens.

Glodias Tokens

These tokens are the ones you get when you give us your crypto in management. You will get 1 Glodias token for every dollar in crypto you give us. Example: Today the price of BTC is $9,300.00, if you give us 1 BTC in management, we will send you to your own wallet 9,300 Glodias Tokens. Those tokens will be always under your control.
When your contract expires you will send the Glodias Tokens to our Address and you will immediately get $9,300.00 in BTC, at market price, sent to your BTC wallet. You will get back your original Digital assets you gave us.


Cryptex Tokens
These tokens are the ones that Glodias sends to your wallet every month for the crypto you make in profit by giving us your crypto under management. Those tokens you can decide every month to reinvest them or to exchange them for BTC in our website. 1 Cryptex Token is worth $ 1 USD also.