What we do

What we do

Glodias offers a powerful systematic digital assets management program
that uses unique methods to analyze and seize opportunities in the
crypto markets.
Our proprietary program uses an integrated multi-strategy approach.
We apply advanced analytical technology to identify, monitor, and capitalize
on global cryptocurrency opportunities.
A continuous and highly integrated risk management approach monitors
and controls risk at multiple levels..


Most traditional assets management programs are constrained to single strategy systems such as trend following, breakout, mean-reversion, momentum, etc. Glodias instead, goes through an analysis process in which it breaks down the price pattern into its components and derives the energetic state.

With this data it computes hundreds of crypto curves each day for each asset and defines the most efficient allocation of strategies for the given market and time period.

The weights for each strategy are dynamic and are derived using a proprietary methodology. Weightings are systematically and continuously adjusted as markets and strategies go in and out of favor. Position sizes are either reduced or increased based on changes in volatility, market direction, and correlation.

Strategy exposures are also adjusted whereby weightings to underperforming strategies will be systematically reduced and reallocated to better performing strategies.